Imob Construct LTD delivers a wide range of masonry services and related disciplines. Bricks are considered to be used more than any other materials in the construction of building.
Being one of the oldest known building materials dating back to 7000BC, brick walls are impact resistant and by using the material properly we can create buildings that will be around for generations to come. Brick’s flexibility means it can be used to provide a beautiful facade as well as an excellent structural material.

We know that details are making the difference between a regular and a gorgeous building as we like to create.


Groundwork’s are one of the most important considerations whether you are building a house or a car park. The primary idea when starting a new construction foundation is represented by a strong base. It is vital to have high quality service for this section of your construction. Because we care about you and your family we deliver professional services, building safe places upon a solid foundation.
Before choosing from a wide range of groundwork’s companies ensure you not risk anything. First, hire an accredited company specialized in groundwork’s works and second, is good to know that any sort of risks that can arise are eradicated by building a strong basement.
The future is built on a solid foundation.


We pride ourselves with having a good detail catch so we can deliver the best EWI possible.
Imob Construct LTD has high trained personnel on doing external and internal wall insulation.
An external wall insulation system is a thermally insulated, protective, decorative exterior cladding procedure. Since the 1970s the wall’s role in keeping the heat in has become increasingly important and this is exactly what EWI is doing.
The application of External Wall Insulation can help deal with rain penetration problems through solid walls by blocking wind-driven rain. However, it can also make the problem worse if poor detailing allows water to pass behind the external wall insulation where it can become trapped.


A key word for plastering is longevity, when is applied and maintained correctly. Our high trained supervisors are personally involved on finishing the work well and in time.
Plaster adds beauty to a building and it’s fine and affordable. Improving the value, plaster has been used for thousands of years for decorating the most amazing buildings creating designs and styles with plaster.
It is hard to find the best workers on creating the design you wish with a specific accuracy. Details are very important to us that’s why we are truly focused on each aspect of plastering. Imob Construct LTD has only specialized workers in plastering works so that you can beneficiate from a high quality service.
Internal/External Plastering?
Renovations, repairs, new buildings? Ornamental plaster products?


Is well known that a coat of paint will not only refresh and transform your living room, kitchen, bath, and bedrooms but update your home as well. You only can enjoy all of these benefits when you have the proper construction team to do it. Professional and with a high sense of details, Imob Construct LTD’s purpose is to deliver the best product to the client.
One of our biggest wishes is to know our clients are enjoying the best services possible.
For that we are prepared to listen to all your desires so that you can enjoy a modern and comfortable residence or office.
The Road to success is always under construction so are we.